Please don’t leave us Sheva!

To: Andriy Shevchenko

Consider this our last plead or last request, because requesting things from you isn’t exactly strange to us Milan fans as you’ve always fulfilled them, or at least tried. You came to Milan 6 years ago and concurred our hearts with your breath taking goals and modest personality. You came to us the man from Kiev who was ready to make miracles. I remember your first match with Milan in Serie A against Lecce, when you placed the ball into the net; that was the moment when everything changed, it was the moment when everyone knew a new Van Basten has finally emerged. We’ve witnessed so many occasions in which you scored and in which you broke a lot of records along with a lot of opponents’ hearts.

It’s difficult now to look back at those days and think that in our next Champions League game, Sheva won’t be there to score a last minute savior, or a penalty or a super hattrick. It’s difficult to think that the players will walk into the stadium without out number 7 along side them or without hearing the Curva chanting ‘non e brasiliano pero, Shevaa, Shevaa”. It’s difficult to imagine that you will wear a color other than the Rossoneri colors in a land different than Milano. But the most difficult thing is to realize that the match against Parma could be your last with us. The match when, unfortunately, injury found you once again and it wasn’t possible to continue till the end.

That is not how we pictured the end Sheva. We have always pictured you a player who will retire in Milan’s jersey and will stay with us until the end of his career. We have always put you alongside legends like Maldini and Baresi because you have given us the reason to admire you and crowned yourself a king in our hearts. No matter how much Chelsea are willing to pay or no matter how many players we can get in exchange, no one will ever fill your place in our team and in our hearts.

Please don’t leave it empty.


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