The Urbs: 2005 Urban Blogging Awards

Gridskipper上看到的2005年城市博客奖开始报名了,报名截止日期是2005年12月7日,具体报名的方法是在Gridskipper上留言,或者是发送邮件至。任何人都可以报名,但是要求是,报名博客必须是长期更新的博客,并且,博客的大部分内容应该是与城市、城市生活、城市旅游等等有关的,最后要求网页使用语言能够被Babelfish翻译过来。 URBS
任何人都可以在Gridskipper上给他所喜欢的网站投票,包括自己的。所有设立的12个奖项中,前11个奖项获奖者将得到书、DVD等奖励,最后一个奖—World’s Best Urban Blog的获奖者将得到价值500美元的奖励,这笔钱将存入iTune Music shop。

World’s Best Urban Architecture Blog – Blogs that cover the buildings and architecture of cities, either with text or photos or both.

World’s Best Urban Food Blog – City eating, be it restaurants, street food, cooking, or anything in between.

World’s Best Urban Nightlife Blog – Going out in the city. Bars, clubs, lounges, shows, and so on.

World’s Best Urban Music Blog – Concerts, bands, reviews, MP3s, live music, the works.

World’s Best Urban Arts Blog – Museums, galleries, design, graffiti, and anything related.

World’s Best Urban Sex Blog – Dirty in the city. Who’s doing what to whom, and for how much.

World’s Hottest Urban Blogger
– You know, the one you keep stalking at those panels and launch parties. Or wished you lived near enough to stalk.

Best New York Blog – Because there’s so damn many of them, one must be the best, right?

Best Los Angeles Blog – Ditto above, since LA’s blog scene is equally lively.

World’s Best Urban Photoblog – Who takes the prettiest city pics?

World’s Most Inane Urban Blog Post – City blogs may inspire, but they can also motivate posts about the most quotidian, mundane, or tedious subjects. For example, see this Gridskipper post about waffles — talk about phoning it in. This is the one category allowing nominations from sites belonging to Gawker Media or their runnin’ dogs.

World’s Best Urban Blog – Here it is. All the marbles. The winner gets $500 at iTunes. Can you even handle that much jamming? Let’s hope so. Bring it, etc.

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